Children’s Activities

We base our activities around the latest government guidance – REALISING THE AMBITION. This document highlights the importance of establishing consistent, high quality experiences, spaces and interactions.

Interwoven into this provision is the use of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and it’s 4 Capacities and 8 Subjects. As a staff we work together to self evaluate our provision regularly and we display our working progress. We work together on our School Quality Improvement Plan.

Health, Wellbeing, Social, Multi-Cultural, Belonging and Positive Behaviour

We create an ethos of belonging and encourage all families to be as involved as possible with all that we do. We promote outdoor play as we know how valuable this is for our children’s health and wellbeing.


Communication, Language and Literacy

We communicate and interact with children in many different ways and through many different activities. Children are constantly supported to share their ideas and access all spaces and experiences.


Numeracy, Reasoning and Problem Solving

We give children many opportunities to explore shape, space and measure. We support children to solve problems, test out their ideas and find solutions.


Science and Technology

We have resources that support children to design and engineer. They can work out how things fit together and what makes things work. Much of our science exploration takes place outside and through sensory play.


Expressive Arts

We have a painting space every day and children can help themselves to anything they want from our craft trolley. They can use our small world spaces to design and to act out their ideas and imaginative play. We have several music sessions each week and children can play percussion instruments and learn songs and dances from all over the world. We have weekly yoga sessions, ballet and early moves inputs.


Outdoors and Understanding

We have some lovely outdoor garden spaces with upcycled resources in them. Every year we try to do a big day where families come together to refurbish our outdoor spaces, plant flowers and vegetables and upcycle our water features. We have a green flag eco status and have successfully maintained this since 2016. Children are actively encouraged to reduce waste, to recycle and to reuse resources wherever possible. They are instilled with a sense of their responsibility to the planet and how to take care of plants and animals.