Daily Routine

Entry and Arrival

To enter nursery, please use the gate at the side of Greenbank Church which is clearly marked “Welcome to Greenbank Pre School”, ensuring the gate is closed securely behind you. Dogs must be tied to the fence at the door; prams or buggies are best left tucked to the right side inside the door before going down the stairs.

Your child will be given a coat peg with his/ her name and keyworker colour for easy recognition. Please put outdoor shoes in the box provided; soft-soled shoes (but not slippers) can be worn indoors for wet days.

Dropping off and Collection of Children

Children must be brought and collected from nursery by a parent or carer aged 16 years upwards. Please let the staff know in advance if someone else is to collect your child from Pre School. There is a folder on the table in the entrance hall where you can leave written advice about alternative home arrangements. In unforeseen circumstances, please remember to phone staff to let us know.

It is essential that staff are informed about any alternative drop off or pick up arrangement. Staff will not allow your child to be collected by anyone else if they do not know in advance.

Parents/ carers should collect their child (and any craft work from their drawer) between 11:30 and 11:40 in the morning and and between 2.25 and 2.35pm or 3.20 and 3.30pm


A child who is unwell should be kept at home, even if they want to come. If your child is unwell, please let pre school know by 9.30 am. If your child has contracted an infectious disease such as Chicken Pox, please notify us immediately, and do not bring them to Pre School until they are better.

Head lice can occur in the cleanest hair but early identification and treatment prevents a rapid spread. It is important that all parents and carers check each child’s head on a regular basis using a special comb.

Encouraging Independence

Independence is encouraged and develops gradually, but from the very beginning of nursery experience it really helps if children:

  • Will try to express their needs to one of the adults present.
  • Can blow their noses and will try to do so into a tissue.
  • Will try to be independent in the toilet.