Day to Day at Greenbank

At Greenbank Pre School we aim to create a calm atmosphere where children can purposefully explore and play. Our committed staff feel that it is important to have a familiar routine for children and to support their curiosity without changing the basic structure of each session.

Our session times are AM 08.25 to 11.40 and PM 12.25 to 15.40.
Pilot full time places (fully funded) 08.25 to 14.35.
Full day places (funded 600hrs, additional self-funded hours) 08.25 to 15.40.
Flexible hours are available and can be discussed on application.
Pilot places are from 08.25 to 14.35 and parents have the option of self-funding from 14.35 to 15.40.

Parents also have the option of self-funding their child’s place immediately after their 3rd birthday up until the term when they have a funded place.