Involvement of Parents and Carers

A special part of the life of Greenbank Pre School is the involvement of parents and carers in the day to day running of the nursery. Staff value the close relationships that grow through working together with parents and carers. To ensure the smooth running of the Pre School, we require a parent helper each session. Please ensure you will be in a position to do rota duty before accepting your child’s place in Pre School. If you do not take your turn on rota duty you may be asked to withdraw your child from Pre School.

Extra parent helpers will be required for Special Events and Outings. We operate a 1-2 adult to child ratio when out and about, which means that outings are only possible when parents are able to be part of the adult ratio.

The rota ensures an even share of the duties for all parents. If you cannot manage any of the dates you are given, please feel free to arrange a swap with someone else. If you are unable to arrange a swap please contact the Rota Co-ordinator. Similarly, if there are specific days in the week that suit you to do duty, please let the Rota Co-ordinator know and they will try to accommodate your request.

When you are on duty, staff count on you as being an active part of the team for that day. It is understandable that you may feel some apprehension at your first duty, but staff would like you to feel happy and valued in your role.

Special interests

We like to follow up on children’s interests and parent/carer interests when planning nursery activities. These can take us out and about, e.g. to the park, library, zoo, etc. At these times we ask for an appropriate payment to cover costs, and we also ask for your help in supervising the children.

You will find our Development Plan, The Child at the Centre, and a Partnership with Parents folder on the parents’ page with a copy of all the newsletters and information for parents and carers.